What calling options do I have?

Traditional fixed line

If you wish to stick with traditional.

VoIP / Cloud calling

Connect your home or business using radio signals instead of cables.

PSTN Calling

Digital Subscriber Line transmits data over traditional copper phone lines.

Mobile & on the go

Cable delivers high speed internet over the same cables that deliver pictures and sounds to your TV.


100% fibre to the property (FTTP) backed by a financially rewarding SLA, with speeds that are asynchronous (same upload and download speeds).

Unsure of which option is available or best for you?

Get in touch today and we will help find a solution that is best for you.

Can I have a handset at home or on my desk?

Yes, whether using a traditional fixed line, VoIP or cloud calling you can still have a handset for either your home or for your staff’s desk. You can have handsets in your office and in your home answering the same phone call!

We can suggest a range of handsets depending on your calling options and help you set it up.

I already have Sky, BT or another provider, can you still help?


Sometimes it can be difficult to get in touch with your internet service provider or maybe there is too much jargon.

We can help you overcome the hurdles and work with your current provider as much as possible.

I want to switch to a new provider, can you help?


Let’s discuss your everyday use, cost and budgets, any problems you are experiencing and we can work with you to decide on the best way forward.

Whether its something as simple as a new router, or maybe a new package and new provider. We are here to help.

Cheaper calls and internet connections

Service adjusted to your unique needs

Over the phone and in-persion support

Set up and installation of hardware, so you don’t have to.