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Penetration Testing

We can assess your system for weaknesses through ‘ethical hacking’. Penetration testing ensures that your security works as intended, giving you the confidence that you have the best security controls in place.

Patch Testing

We can apply security patches; software that corrects errors in your code to address any vulnerabilities discovered, preventing others from exploiting them.

Physical Security

Physical and Human vulnerabilities to security are often overlooked. Your online system may be secure, but if a hacker gets access to your computer physically your security could be put at risk. Limit these risks with CCTV, softwares and door access systems.

Be aware of Cyber & Physical Security Risks

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What Cybersecurity should I consider for my business?

Even small businesses should have a cyber security strategy in place to protect their business and their data from threats.
Consider training your employees in security principles, protecting your computers and networks from cyber attacks, firewall security from your internet connection, ensure back ups are available and working, control physical access to your computer and have the ability to delete user accounts, limit employee access to certain datas and don’t forget about password and authentication security.

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