Embracing technology and finding new and innovative ways of working will help you remain competitive, boost efficiencies across the board and improve productivity. But there’s so much tech out there these days that it can be quite overwhelming. How are you supposed to know what to prioritise and what to invest in?

One of the best tech solutions out there is the Microsoft 365 suite, which can help you tackle any and all tasks you have in mind, giving you access to all the Office apps you’ll need, including Excel, Outlook and Word, as well as the ability to cross mobile apps, Macs and PCs, so you’ve got all the versatility you need right there in one package.

For collaboration, you’ll find the software does everything you need, allowing you to work on projects easily no matter where you are or what timezone you’re in. Video calling capabilities mean you can chat in real time, while Microsoft Teams is all you need to remain connected with customers and employees alike.

What’s more, because the suite is cloud-based, it means you can work collaboratively in a range of different locations as long as you’ve got a laptop and an internet connection.

Hybrid working has been on the rise over the last few years ever since the pandemic and the suite of mobile apps you get with this software really helps facilitate this. All apps for the likes of Word, Excel, Teams and so on are free for small mobile devices, although you can take this one step further if you need to and design an application with PowerApps that can be accessed on any mobile device.

And then, of course, there’s automation, which is seriously taking hold as a way of working for businesses, big and small alike. All sorts of processes can be automated with Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform, making the more administrative sides of your enterprise easier to manage.

But it’s not just productivity that Microsoft 365 can help you with and one of the biggest concerns facing organisations these days is data security. With so much of business being done online day to day, it’s vital that you take steps to protect your own interest and those of your clients, which is something this software can certainly help you with.

Remaining compliant makes excellent business sense and you’ll find you can take advantage of features like advanced malware protection to safeguard you against cyber criminals, while two-factor authentication will give you peace of mind that hackers will struggle to gain access to your systems.

Of course, there’s a lot to take in when considering a digital overhaul of your company and if you’ve been put off from trialling Microsoft 365 because it seems complicated or time-consuming to get to grips with, get in touch with the Sinorrah team today to see how we can help you hit the ground running today.